Charlotte Berg


Her Heart or Mine

by Charlotte Berg

Released 2016
Released 2016
Raw recording of "Her Heart or Mine," an original song by Charlotte Berg. Acoustic guitar and Rhodes piano featured. Recorded live at Pentavarit Studio in Nashville, TN. Produced by Bobby Holland, acoustic guitar played by Kyle Lewis.
"Clear-eyed and clear voiced. A young singer-songwriter who has travelled the world." -iTunes

"Wonderful album: musical, lyrical, fascinating. All original songs. Beautiful voice, marvelous music." -iTunes

Charlotte Berg began her music career in Melbourne, Australia, where she wrote, recorded and performed her first songs in local pubs and bars, quickly gaining a following. She was classically trained on piano from the age of eight. In 2014, she moved to Nashville to further her career. After less than a year in Nashville, she had written and recorded her first official album, "It's the Damsel Who Decides." She is currently promoting the album around the country and is booked to play at festivals in Sweden and the UK in August, 2016.