Charlotte Berg


"...stubborn and hopeful and fueled by a vendetta against a ‘normal life.’” 

"Ms. Berg is up there with early Judy Collins, and the brilliant Judith Durham (famous for the 1960’s hit “Georgy Girl,” the brilliant “I’ll Never Find Another You,” by The Seekers) – in the case of Durham you have to listen and set aside her English accent. It’s the purity of her vocals, her innocence and ability to take simplistic lyrics and make them sound artistic. That's what these two female vocalists share."

"Under the Same Stars," is a strong example of Berg's clear, unaffected vocals underlining the stark honesty portrayed in her emotional lyrics.

"When I was 19, I backpacked through Italy with my sister and we met lots of really fun Aussie’s on the trip. We’d stay in hostels and go out with new people most nights."

This feature discusses Charlotte's journey into music and announces the release of the first single of her new album! You can find "Just for Now" here or anywhere that sells music.

Mid tour radio interview with Fred Boenig. Charlotte Berg performs two acoustic songs from her album. The interview begins at 1:42...

"Sometimes taking a big leap from one planned career to another can pay dividends if you’re brave enough to take the risk. Fortunately, Nashville based singer-songwriter Charlotte Berg, who moved from medicine to music, was and since then she’s never looked back."